What Should You Know About Types of Bonuses That Bookmakers Offer in the UK?


With sports betting legalised in 1961 in the UK, it is now a part of its culture and lifestyle. While some locals bet only on prominent events, such as the World Cup, with 8k licenced betting shops in the region, others are more passionate, often betting at such spots.

But, if you wish to make every bet of yours profitable, you need to find bookies with best bonus offers in the UK. Top experts provide an in-depth review of all the leading UK bookmakers, offering the best bonuses and deals. Here’s what you should know regarding the types of bonuses that bookmakers offer in the UK.


Free Bets

Football is the most celebrated sport of betting enthusiasts in the UK. While most opt for simple Match Result markets, others choose Outright bets.

A free bet bonus can fetch you a pretty considerable profit from such sports events, particularly if you have a hunch that a match can end in a draw.

Experts suggest it is best for high odds, and as it comes in the form of real money, you can withdraw your winning amount quickly. On the other hand, a free bet is quite suitable when your betting amount is small, from £5 to £10.

Deposit and No-deposit Bonuses

In recent years, tennis has grown to become the second most popular sports bet on by UK punters, generating billions of pounds of revenue in betting each year.

But with sports like tennis that rarely make headlines outside of the four major tournaments, specialists recommend the bookies with best bonus offers in the UK. It ensures you gain the maximum profit within a few bets.

And a deposit bonus is one option that gives you your required flexibility. Most UK sports betting sites offer deposit bonuses, where you will get an amount of your initial deposit, ranging from 50% to 200%.

On the other hand, no-deposit bonuses have no links to any specific first deposit. You will receive an amount for opening your account with the betting website.

Matched Betting Offers

Horse racing is a brilliant option to place your matched bets and avail lucrative bonuses on them in the UK. And with events, such as The Grand National, you can get countless promotions the bookmakers offer at such programs.

The bookies offer you bonuses free of charge but with a decent upper limit.

Consultants suggest looking for these offers if you are an existing customer with an online sports betting company and wish to bet on popular events, such as competition finals.

Enhanced Odds

While this bonus is ideal for existing bettors, you may also use it as a welcome bonus. The bookies raise odds for popular events, such as Chelsea vs. Liverpool, thus encouraging you to bet on the specific matches.

You might find bookmakers giving odds of 10 to win to both teams, alluring you to bet on the event.

Consult an Expert

Sports betting is quite popular in the UK with the sector yielding over €20 billion yearly on games played globally. And to win your share of profit in such a thriving industry, reach out to a consultant to know about the bookies offering the best bonuses, with transparent terms and conditions. While you can have an edge against the house, you can enjoy your beloved sports to the fullest.


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