Consider these 12 types of window shutter prior to the installation


Window shutters are so commonly used all over the country in almost every household to increase privacy and decrease the amount of sunlight from entering inside the house, especially in summers.

Shutters and binds prevent any unwanted infusion of the sunlight that can prove to be harmful and vulnerable to damage. This traditional way of protecting the interiors of the house from the sharp UV rays has recently become one of the top-ranked trends in the home improvement industry as people have started to recognize not only the value of shutters but also their contribution to the aesthetic appeal of the residential properties.

House blind installation services have become a popular demand of so many people who are willing to make blinds and shutters as essential parts of their windows.

House blind installation services

Why Window Shutters Are Popular

You might be thinking as to why people are getting more prone to window shutters. The old and traditional way to enhance the privacy of your home was to curtain hanging that proved to be ineffective for the protection against the UV rays. Window shutters have replaced curtains in the most effective manner that can ever be imagined. People are now choosing window blinds and shutters as a popular home improvement solution to make their homes attractive both internally and externally.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from installing shutters in your homes, only then you can know why people are opting for these window covering solutions. Shutters and blinds are low maintenance and cost-effective that makes them more convenient to use and install. You can easily get your windows covered with shutters and get the peace of a lifetime.

How Are They Categorized?

Talking about shutters in detail, there are two separate categories in which all the major types of the shutter are divided. There are two main categories of window shutters that includes the following:

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters cover both the sides of the windows when they open or close which means that they can easily control the visibility, light, and airflow. This type of shutters remains intact and uniform in their position to ensure that they are working properly. The interior shutters are basically considered to be traditional types of shutters and blinds.

Interior Shutters

Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters have become extremely functional for providing complete privacy and protection from the outer heat and sunlight. Most of the exterior shutters are usually used for enhancing the curb appeal of the exteriors. Apart from painting and other details, outdoor shutters are also a brilliant way to beautify your home.

Exterior Shutters

The Best Types Of Window Shutters For Your Home

There is a never-ending list of the types of shutters that are being continuously manufactured in the market. The number of options you have can usually end up in drastic confusion. While choosing any f the interior or exterior shutters, you have to be clear about the benefits of each type to be sure whether it will suit you or not. The following types of shutters that are also commonly recommended by the top blinds installations services can limit the range of options. It can also prove to be helpful in finalizing your shutters.

Lovely Louvered

If you are a countryside lover, these shutters are for you. The lovely louvered shutters are basically a series of wood slates that overlap each other creating uniformity in the overall design. The specific design of these shutters allows them to allow lesser space between each slate. The lovely louvered shutters are highly efficient to create a complete blackout if you want to sleep in the noon when the sun is shining all bright.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are exterior shutters that are basically another type of louvered shutters but wider in design. These shutters are installed in the outer space of your windows. You can open or close them completely or partially according to your need. They are energy-efficient and sturdy so that no storm or harsh weather can make you replace them within a short period of time after the installation.

Another amazing thing about having plantation shutters is that your house will attract the buyer’s right through the exterior and you can resale it at the rate that you want. They completely cover your windows through which the hottest air can pass through during summers. This quality of plantation shutters makes them more energy-efficient.

Plantation Shutters


Shaker shutters are the best example of artistic craftsmanship by the design they are manufactured with. They are designed with a proper detailing and indentations in the panels so that they may give a uniform and seamless look. Shaker shutters are almost similar to panel shutters but rectangular in shape.

Being an interior shutter, they can eventually boost the curb appeal of your home interiors. This type of shutters is ideal for the high-traffic area as their panel design makes them soundproof as well. After closing these shutters the outer noise will be lessened down immediately.

Scandinavian Shutters

Scandinavian shutters are considered to be versatile and durable because of their solid properties and the material with which they are manufactured. The cutouts of these shutters can be customized in bright and bold colors in order to create a glimpse of vibrancy to the exterior of your house.  These shutters are resistant to damage and can bear storms and weatherly wear and tear without getting damaged. The design of Scandinavian shutters is typically thicker than others because it has to give a sealed look after they are being closed.

Combination Shutters

Combination shutters are more like customized shutters that you can design according to your own choice or get the ones already combined. You can easily personalize your interior or exterior shutters by combining two or more shutter styles and create a newly combined shutter. Each combinations shutter brings in a new and unique type of shutter and blinds in the market.


Full height shutters are actually an advanced version of plantation shutters that are only more in height than the former ones. They come with a full-length frame design that allows them to cover even large windows. These shutters work effectively due to the simple panel design that is solely for light and noise blocking purpose. If you are living in a building o high-traffic area, installing these shutters can be of great help to solve half of your worries.

Raised Panel

Raided panels are known for long-term durability. The design of these shutters are plain, formal, but a country like. These shutters are ideal for small window boxes to cover the sunlight, allow more privacy, and save on your energy costs. The dynamic style of the raised panel is created with the thought of cutting your air conditioning needs by balancing the inner temperature according to the outer. With very little maintenance, these shutters can be your best choice.

Specialty Shaped Shutters

There are so many shapes in which you can get your shutters installed according to the design of your windows. Differently shaped shutters are available in the market that can suit your needs some of the most common specialty shaped shutters are circles, trapezoid, rectangular, arch-shaped, octagon, and bread box.

Board And Batten Shutters

Board and batten shutters are solid vertical boards that cover the windows properly in order to make sure that no light comes within the room where they are installed. These are also exterior shutters. They are manufactured by joining solid boards together that makes them damage resistant and long lasting.

Café Style Shutters

Shutters and window blinds in Bowie MD have become so popular that people are constantly wishing for new and diverse designs for their window solutions. The café style shutters are very popular in the French cafes for covering the large windows, typical of the café infrastructures. Because there is so much to do while you are running a business, you need a shutter that is easy to install and maintain. If such is the case with you, these shutters are easy to clean as well as to install.

The home improvement industry has a lot to offer to all the homeowners. Window blinds and shutters are among them. If you look carefully and look for the right shutters, you can install the best type of blinds and shutters that will make your home look all the more aestheticized and beautiful.

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