How Seniors Turn To Tech For Safe and Secure Solo Living in 2024


One of the biggest concerns that many seniors have when transitioning to retirement is living alone safely. Luckily, the development of technology in recent years has made it easier and more comfortable for seniors to live on their own. There are many tech tools that seniors can use to ensure they feel completely at ease in their space. Here are some of the forms of technology that really benefit seniors living on their own or in an assisted living facility.

Home Security Systems

A modern home security system has many benefits for seniors living on their own in a house or apartment. Living alone can be scary at times, but knowing to can help you feel more confident. There are many different types of home security systems out there that can be configured to fit your personal living situation. Many will even automatically call for assistance if an intruder is detected.

seniors solo living

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are one of the most helpful tools for seniors who struggle with mobility and getting around the house. Voice assistant tools from companies like Amazon and Google can be connected to a variety of devices seniors may have around their house, such as the thermostat, phone, television, and even smart kitchen tools. With these devices, seniors can control these household items and get helpful information using just their voice. This provides a level of convenience that keeps seniors comfortable and allows them to do more around the house.

Automated Pill Reminders

It can be difficult for seniors to keep track of all the pills they are taking, particularly if they are also struggling with memory issues. An automated pill dispenser is a very useful tool that will help seniors remember when they need to take their doses, and can lock them out of their meds to prevent them from taking them at the wrong time or taking too many. This takes the guesswork out of pill scheduling for seniors, and their family members can rest easy knowing that they are taking the appropriate amount of medication to stay healthy.

Emergency Buttons

For seniors, a fall can lead to serious health conditions later on. An emergency button is a very helpful tool that is worn on the body, usually either as a bracelet or necklace, and can detect if the senior has fallen. Seniors can also press the button on the device if they are experiencing another medical issue and need help.

These buttons can be programmed to call certain numbers when a senior is experiencing a crisis. Knowing that they will have access to medical help in the event of an emergency is very helpful for many seniors living alone.

Many seniors who live on their own might not receive medical care without an emergency button until it was too late, which is why these devices are so important. Many emergency devices now even connect with an app or offer GPS tracking to help family members and caregivers monitor seniors’ well-being.

These technological devices provide health care senior living help that can make it easier and safer to live on your own. Although many seniors are capable of living independently without assistance, having these tools at their disposal provides an invaluable peace of mind for their families, and they can allow seniors to retain their independence for a longer period of time before transitioning into assisted living.

As technology continues to develop, we are likely to see even more innovations hit the market that can help seniors live comfortably.

Seniors living on their own often worry about their safety and security, particularly as they are getting older and dealing with the physical and mental challenges of aging.

There are many types of technology that can help seniors feel more confident on their own, and provide their families with peace of mind as well.

For example, home security systems can protect against intruders, while emergency buttons ensure that seniors will get the health care they need in the event of a fall or other crisis. Voice assistants make it easier for seniors to get things done around the house, and automated pill reminders manage seniors’ medication schedules and protect them from accidentally taking too many pills or missing a dose.

These pieces of technology have real benefits for seniors, and over the past several years, we’ve seen seniors be able to retain their independence later in life by relying on technology.


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