Dos & Don’ts of a Job Interview


A job interview is the only interface that bridges the gap between you and your dream job. It is important for you to understand the basic dos and don’ts of an interview so that it goes smoothly without any mistake.

Job Interview
Dos & Don’ts of a Job Interview

Following are some of the dos and don’ts for your job interview:

The Dos


Check all the requirements of the job, if you are suitable for the role or not. You should have good reasons to join the company. Practicing the common interview question & answers is a must because it can save you from drowning for not being able to answer properly. The most important is the introduction, which is asked in every interview. Prepare the interview perfectly. Also, take a look at your resume carefully, if there is something you should add or remove.


It is a good practice to research about the company, in which you are going to go for the job interview. One of the most common questions asked in an interview is “Why should we keep you as an employee?” You can answer this very intelligently, if you have the knowledge about the company.

Extra CVs

Never show yourself in any interview with just a single resume. Even if there is no need of extra resume, you should always keep extra copies with you. There might be more than one interviewer.

Be on time

This manner shows that you are well prepared for the interview and the jobs search. Plan your routes in advance and reach the location earlier than specified.


Smiling never disappoints in any situation. Have a little smile on your face when you enter the room. Greet the interviewer with a hello.

Make an eye contact

Eyes can tell a lot about us and it can be used in an interview too. Make an eye contact with the interview when you are talking or listening to him/her.

Ask questions

 This is not a quiz competition where you are the only one being asked questions. You can clear any doubts about the job and company. Just don’t ask why are the office walls painted white instead of blue. (Smile)


How to maintain health while doing 9 to 5 job?

The Don’ts


Well, you are the sarcastic guy, but this might not be a good place to show your sarcasm. Never answer the questions sarcastically.


The worst thing that could happen in an interview is that you get nervous and it freezes you. Think about your goals and not of the negative circumstances, which are never going to happen.

Tring Tring

Always keep your phone on silent mode during the interview. It can distract you and the interviewer. They want your full attention, so don’t let anything break it.


Who would hire you if you lied in the interview? Don’t lie about yourself or your skills. The lie will not allow you to take you far on your path.

Act rude

If you are rejected, don’t act like a desperate person. People are rejected many times, but trying is everything. So, keep trying. Start again and go on the jobs near me section on any job portal to search jobs for you.


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