Vocal Recording Sessions in Kent: 5 Tips for a Quality Sound


The mind has a funny way of playing tricks when it comes to vocals. When you take to the stage or sing with nobody around, it will feel like your voice sounds fantastic. However, as soon as you begin vocal recording, you’ll realise that it doesn’t sound too good. This doesn’t mean you have a bad singing voice; it just means you need to read the following tips for recording quality-sounding vocals.

Vocal Recording

Spend Time Planning

Standing in a padded room in a recording studio in Kent with nothing but a microphone and your own thoughts can feel pretty overwhelming, and it can reach a point where such feelings will harm your performance.

To avoid freezing up and wasting money on time in a music production studio, spend time preparing yourself at home by singing and critiquing your own performance. Making notes about parts of your performance that need work will help you to get better and will mean your time in a recording studio Kent won’t be for nothing.

Practice Correct Techniques

Singing into a microphone in recording studios Kent UK will feel and sound different to when you’re on stage because you’re not moving around. To get used to a true mouth-to-mic distance, consider practising the following vocal techniques:

  • Control breathing sounds. Vocalists have to take a breath, but it’s important to make sure it doesn’t impact the overall production; turn from the mic to breathe.
  • Manage volume. Move away from the mic when singing loud notes and come in closer for softer tones.
  • Avoid popping and sibilance. Some letters like “P” and “B” create a popping noise and “S’s” and “F’s” cause sibilance (sharp hissing). In casual conversation, you won’t notice these, but a recording mic highlights them, so make sure you position yourself at a proper angle and distance.

Use an Agreeable Mic

Before contacting a music producer Kent, try out different microphones to see which one suits your voice better. We recommend using three mics to record the same verse but make sure you don’t change EQ or volume settings. Listen to each sound carefully and only take the best one for your music studio Kent session.

Steer Clear of Vocal Recording at Home

Home studios are excellent for getting that all-important practice, but choosing to record your tracks at home will make you sound like an amateur. However, a venue for music production Kent will allow you to come out with a record that sounds professional. As well as using the best technology and design for vocal capturing, on-site experts will offer vital insights.

Allow Emotions to Flood the Room

Singing on stage naturally lets your energy and emotions come to life, but it’s difficult to capture when you’re in the studio. To get across the true meaning of your music, sing with the same emotions you had when writing the words. Doing this will allow your music to resonate with listeners. To avoid having your first record sounding terrible, follow the advice outlined below and make sure you have fun throughout the entire process.