Top 3 Beef Jerky Recipes: Tasty And Healthy


This is the new wave of modern days where people love to eat high-protein snacks and if you are able to make your own, it would really fun! Well, on the list of high-protein snacks, the place of beef jerky is always on the top.

The best part about this snack is its outstanding taste and ease to cook. You can easily prepare different beef jerky dishes to serve to your loved ones. Well, to add extra spice to your jerky, here we are offering a few recipe descriptions. We are very sure these dishes will help you to enjoy the next level of taste:

Beef Jerky Recipes

Recipe No 1: Homemade Beef Jerky:

The complete process of preparing homemade beef jerky is as follows:

•    First, head on over to the grocery store and pick up 1kg of roast beef

•    Next, trim off the fat

•    Freeze the meat for about an hour, cut it into two equal pieces down the middle(this step will make the meat easy to cut. You can easily cut the meat into thin slices)

Now during the time when meat is freezing, prepare your marinade. For the marinade, you need the following ingredients:

•    1/2 cup Worcestershire sauce

•    1 cup low-sodium soy sauce

•    1 tbsp fresh ground black pepper

•    1 tsp red pepper flakes

•    1 tbsp honey

•    1 tsp onion powder

•    1 tsp Spanish paprika

•    2 tsp Sriracha sauce

With all these ingredients, prepare marinade!

•    After this, place the strips on sheets of paper towel and squeeze them as much as you can. During this step one thing you need to remember; the meat strips should be dry. For this, you can preheat the oven at 170 degrees F.

•    To make the process easier here, we are sharing a pro tip – soak BBQ skewers in water for a few minutes almost 7 to 10 minutes. Additionally, keep a 1-inch space between every slice of beef.

•    At last, thread the skewers of beef through the highest oven rack thus the strips are in a hanging position.

•    Close the oven door, propping it open slightly with an oven mitt. This task is quite essential so that moisture can escape from the oven.

After performing all these tasks, your super tasty homemade beef jerky is ready to eat. Serve it to your loved ones and enjoy its ultimate taste with them!

Recipe No 2: Yuzu Beef Jerky

Next, the mouth-watering dish of jerky is Yuzu Beef Jerky. Yuzu is a  citrus fruit. This fruit is usually found in East Asia and looks like a small grapefruit. Yuzu Kosho is a pasty Japanese condiment that mainly prepares with the following ingredients:

•    chiles

•    yuzu zest

•    salt

Well, this beef jerky recipe is enthused by a Chilean Sea Bass dish that is usually served at weddings. If you are ready to devote some time in preparing a fantastic dish, trust us this amazing jerky will never disappoint you.

The process to prepare the Yuzu Beef Jerky:

•    By using Tri-tip roast, slice the beef jerky.

•    Now keep the sliced jerky in the fridge and meanwhile prepare the marinade.

Well, the ingredients that can enhance the taste of the dish and are considered the secret ingredients are Red and Green Yuzu Kosho

The green yuzu is prepared from green chiles and red from red chiles.

•    The red yuzu is quite spicy, hence you should use it carefully! You can find these ingredients easily online as well as in the Asian supermarket. The marinade is mainly prepared with two broths; a mushroom broth and a Dashi Broth.

•    The mushroom broth is very simple with 1 packet of dried shiitake mushrooms bathed in warm water. So what you can do; you can dispose of the mushrooms. This gives you an amazing flavor. The Dashi broth comprises dried seaweed and dried fish flakes.

•    Same as the mushroom broth, you need liquid, not seaweed or fish flakes. Once this is finished, blend a number of cups of both broths. 

•    Now add yuzu and brought back to a boil to make sure that they blend perfectly.

•    After blend, leave them to cool and your marinade is almost done to serve.

A tip to make the dish more delicious; never add the meat until the broth has cooled down to room temperature or even below!

Recipe No 3: Cajun Beef Jerky

This excellent Beef Jerky recipe can give you a perfect combination of excellent taste and good health benefits. In most general cases, the beef jerky recipes come from the internet but this one comes from many Cajun marinades and seasonings of several cookbooks. And the flavor turns out fantastic with beef jerky.

The process of preparing Cajun Beef Jerky:

In order to prepare Cajun Beef Jerky you need the following ingredients:

•    The cayenne pepper

•    Seasoning salt and

•    Paprika

• Vinegar-based marinade

Now mix the entire ingredient and marinate the beef for 20 hours in the fridge (well, 6 – 24 hours of marinating time is OK)

The Cajun Beef Jerky has a spicy kick with a great herb taste from all the thyme and oregano. It means if you are finding the taste of New Orleans and ready for a modest spice Cajun Beef Jerky is the perfect dish for you!

Few Pro Tips To Make Cajun Beef Jerky Tastier

•    Use knife prefer a sharp one or partially freeze the meat before slicing

•    Give more time to marinating because as much as you marinate, you get a tastier dish

•    Use a ziplock bag; it enables you to use fewer ingredients, saving money on marinades

•    Take jerky strips out of the dehydrator and allow cooling for 5 minutes before checking to see if it’s finished.

So, these are the 3 recipes that can give you the next-level taste. The procedure of preparing all the dishes is not complicated. In fact, the ingredients used in preparing the dish are also easily available in the market or you can purchase them online. So, without wasting more time, let’s try these recipes and must share your feedback for the taste.

How Beef Jerky Dishes are healthier for us?

beef jerky

Protein in beef jerky

Well, this is about the taste but when it comes to health, and then also beef jerky will not disappoint you! With the intake of such dishes, you can explore numerous health benefits especially if you are an athlete.

For an athlete what is the most important ingredient to take? Undoubtedly, it’s protein!

Whether they run, swim, sprint, or lift heavy weights, they always need high energy than the average person. Their body requires extra nutrients to recover from a great physical workout. Here the importance of protein comes into existence.

Protein is an excellent element in repairing and strengthening muscle tissue quickly. That is the reason athletes are always recommended to take a protein-rich diet.

So, for all athletes who want a more defined and leaner physique, beef jerky is the best option. It is a good source of protein.

According to reliable resources, a 1-ounce piece of beef jerky gives almost 9.4 grams of protein. It means a beef jerky is a fantastic option for them. It can efficiently complete the protein requirements they need.

Not only athletes, if we consider the case of women, have they also needed a good dose of protein. As per RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowances), a woman requires 46 grams of protein a day which can easily be fulfilled with jerky beef dishes. Protein breaks down into amino acids that the body needs to develop enzymes and tissues for perfect functionality of all body parts.

Micronutrients & Beef Jerky

Protein is not the single nutrient your body can consume by eating beef jerky. But along with protein, there are many other components available in the dishes of beef jerky, for example, many micronutrients. You will be glad to know that a sup of beef jerky pieces contains:

•    7 milligrams of zinc

•    More than 1800 milligrams of sodium

•    537 milligrams of potassium

Other than that you can find choline, vitamin B12, and high iron in a single piece of beef jerky. Well, here the considerable thing is that the ratio of nutrition differs as per the flavor of the beef jerky

Carbohydrates in beef jerky

If we consider the number of calories you can get by taking beef jerky, you will be happy to know that it is a low-carb food.

On average one piece of beef jerky contains 82 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates or in other words, one cup of beef jerky pieces has 0 grams of carbohydrates and 369 calories.

Much of the carb in jerky comes from fiber or sugar! This is all about the beef jerky recipes, their easy ways to cook and most important the health benefits to eat these dishes. We hope you enjoy the post! Must try these dishes and enjoy the taste! For more details, stay tuned with us!


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