Summer Checklist: Preparing Your Home For Summer Heat and Fun


Spring is almost here and summer is just around the corner. Which means plenty of summer fun with family and friends. From BBQs to pool parties, summer is always packed with outdoor activities. However, do not forget to make time for maintenance around the home that needs to be taken care of this time of the year. David from “David Buys Houses Florida” put together a spring/summer home maintenance checklist to help you prepare.

Bid Winter Goodbye

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Summer is here and it is now time to put those winter items away. The time has come for you to switch up your warming flannel sheets for lighter and brighter linens. This will help in making your bedroom’s ambiance become cheerier. Switch to sheer curtains that will let the air cross and let some light inside. Since everything colorful is associated with heat, ensure that you are ready with fresh and cool colors that will keep your room comfortable amid the heat outside. Also, consider removing the rugs and carpets from your room because they will only generate unnecessary heat that will only make your room uncomfortable.

At this point, you must be tired of wearing snow boots and big puffy jackets every other day. Use this time to keep these attires away and make room in your wardrobe for some summer clothes. Take advantage of the spring breeze and summer heat by hanging up a clothesline in the yard.

Inspect And Repair Any Winter Damages

Inspect And Repair Any Winter Damages

Roofs and siding are the parts of your house that are most affected by winter. This is usually caused by the accumulation of snow and subsequent moisture, therefore they should be the first places to inspect. If your roof is made up of shingles, try checking for any missing shingles that might have been blown away by the winter winds. Checkout this article for a complete overview on roof restoration. Also, ensure you inspect the deck as heavy snowfall might have taken a toll on its structure, which could make it easy to collapse. Check for soft spots on the deck and also be on the lookout for any popped fasteners and screw them back in.

Your gutters should also be well inspected as they are normally prone to damage caused by ice dams. This is due to the heavy ice that might have accumulated in the gutters; hence pulling them away from the roofline. Check for any damages on your irrigation system and outdoor spigots and immediately repair them. Your driveway should also not be left behind as it is normally susceptible to damage during winter. Seal any potholes or cracks on the driveway to ensure smooth driving.

Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

Protect Your Home Against Water Damage

With summer comes heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, therefore protecting your home from damages caused by water should be a priority when preparing for summer. First of all, ensure that your foundation is free from cracks and leaks. Placing grates outside your house will help in directing the water away from the foundation. Also make sure that your gutters are free from low spots and breaks which could allow water to pool around your house. The gutters should be pitched in a straight line in a slight downward slope to the downspout. The downspout and the crock that carries the water away are also supposed to be free from any blockage or damage.

Make sure that the caulking in your doors, windows, and anywhere that has trims is free from cracks, leaks or wear. To protect your house from leaks that might result in mold and leak rot, always ensure that the caulk is periodically replaced. If you are not sure about how to assess these issues, consider calling a professional to assist you so that you do not end up missing on some important issues.

Fix Your AC

Fix Your AC

There is nothing much worse than having your AC break when summer has already kicked in. It gets very difficult at this time because most of the HVAC companies are usually booked and solid. Therefore, it will be a smart idea to have them service it for you before the summer kicks in because it is cheaper to get their services. Use this time to get rid of those clogged and dirty filters that tend to make your AC system to work harder and replace them with new ones.

Try turning the system on to see how it is cooling. In case it fails to kick on, check to ensure that the circuit breakers and fuses are in place and in good condition. If the problem persists, call a professional immediately. Even if everything looks in order for you, it will still be wise to call a professional who might help you spot some minor issues that you might have missed.

Remember To Touch Up Paint

Remember To Touch Up Paint

Most people think that paint is only there to enhance the aesthetics of their home. The fact is that paint is also used to protect your surfaces from being damaged by water and other natural elements. Any surfaces that might have their paint peeled off should immediately be repainted. This helps in protecting your fences and sidings from the causes of mold and rot. It is normally easier and cheaper to keep on applying little touch-ups at the beginning of each summer as compared to leaving them for later, which will, in turn, cost you a lot of money on repairs.

Before you begin repainting, ensure that you clean the areas with a sponge, mild detergent, and water. Failure to do this will affect the paint’s adhesion. Where there might be deeper scratches, filling them with a spackling compound before painting is highly recommended. Finally, a challenge faced by most people during this process is finding touch up paint that exactly matches the rest of the color on the surface you intend to touch up. To avoid this, always ensure you store leftover paints that can be used for touch-ups.

Ensure Your Windows And Gutters Are Clean

If you have storm windows, this is usually the best time to remove and clean them. If you want your windowpanes to sparkle, fill a spray bottle with a window cleaning solution and use it for cleaning. You can then use a newspaper to leave them streak free. Be sure to wear gloves in case you have sensitive skin.

As you clean, look for any signs of water damage or rot that might have been caused by the melting snow and ice. After thorough cleaning your window screens and inspecting them, repair any parts that might be damaged and reinstall bad window screens. For the damaged ones, you can repair them with a kit that can be purchased from most hardware or home improvement stores.

Your gutters will probably be full of leaves, pine needles and other stuff that might have accumulated throughout the winter. Now that it is a little bit warm, find yourself a sturdy ladder and start cleaning the gutters. If the task proves challenging for you, then consider hiring someone to help you out.

Trim The Trees And Shrubbery Around Your Home

Cut any tree limbs or shrubs that might be touching your house. Pruning is best done early enough because once the trees begin adding new growth and sap is flowing, it takes a longer time for them to adjust to the pruning. Pruning should not just be done for the sake of it, extra care should be taken when especially pruning the younger trees. This is a great time for you to get rid of the dead and dying trees since some can turn out to be hazardous to your home. Make sure you inspect for any root damage or decay, and dead branches. If you are not sure about how you can do this, you can hire a tree expert to help you out.

If this is not done, then the trees will at some point start rubbing on your roof or siding as they get blown by the wind. This will, in turn, cause serious damage to your roof and siding, which will cost you a lot of money as a result of repairing them.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Furniture, Grill And Summer Gear Are Clean

Most of us love summer because it is also a BBQ season. There is no better way to prepare for the BBQ season than to have your grill cleaned early enough in preparation for that first warm day. If your propane tank is still in good condition, make sure you fill it early enough. If not, then consider buying a new one and hook everything up to be sure that it is ready to go. Check the grill’s starter button to ensure that it is working. If you have a charcoal grill, see to it that it’s clean and that there is enough charcoal in store.

The time has now come for taking your outdoor furniture out of storage and setting it up for the new season. Clean all the outdoor linen and hang them to dry. For cushions, inspect them for any damages and bug infestations. They often provide a conducive environment for the bugs because of their warmth. If you own some summer fun equipment, get them out and give them a clean too.

Prepare Your Summer Decorations

After all the cleaning is completed, it is now time to enhance the look of your home by applying your favorite summer decorations. Find a new summer theme that will match with your existing furniture and try to make it as fun as possible. Try a bathroom makeover by adding some fresh linens, décor items, and towels to adorn it with a summer theme. Wallpapers with natural prints can also help in decorating your rooms for summer.

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Bugs And Pests

As we get pumped up for summer, so are the pests and bugs of all kinds, and most of them prefer to stay indoors with us. Therefore, it is very important to try every means that will prevent them from entering your house by ensuring it is properly sealed and protected. The caulking around the doors and windows should remain free from cracks as most of the bugs use cracks as a hiding place. Use a preventive insecticide for spraying outside the house, around the windows, doors, and foundations. This will help to create a perimeter that will prevent the bugs from crossing and getting into your house.

Don’t Forget To Budget For The Summer Fun With summer comes a lot of fun. Therefore, it will be a good idea to draft a budget that will ensure you do not break the bank, and at the same time enjoy the fun that comes with summer. Early preparation means that you are able to fit in more activities. Try to always stick to your budget no matter how tempting it might become to spend more on something you hadn’t planned for. Consider free fun activities like the parks, which will help you save some money that would have been spent on other activities.

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