Useful Guide to Easy CCTV Installation


The closed-circuit television which is popularly referred to as CCTV is a surveillance system where the camera watches a particular premise, especially for security purposes. You can install such CCTVs for monitoring buildings, properties, public areas like council buildings, parks, and also unattended lands which is someone’s property.

A CCTV comes with a camera or a set of cameras fitted in them with an internet connection to store or save the recordings. The recordings by a CCTV camera can be viewed from a remote location and you can access the same from your Smartphone.

There are specialized and customized strategies for CCTV installation to fetch the best results. So, this is very crucial to opt for professional CCTV installation always rather than getting it done by an inexperienced electrician.

There are several cases when a professional CCTV installation does not become possible either due to budget constraints or for some other reason like the remote location of the installation site etc. In such cases, there is a separate way of installing various CCTV systems and experienced CCTV installation services can easily cover your entire property by multiple CCTVs.

These systems are well-designed for perfect usage outdoors and are not recommended to be placed & installed indoors. However, you can install such CCTVs in your living rooms and guest rooms, but you cannot install such hidden-eyes in the bathroom, bedrooms, and other private spaces.

Wireless CCTV Installation

CCTV Installation

In case your CCTV system is wireless, then you can simply place these individual cameras in the spots where you require them to be and then switch them on. To ensure that you can view the wireless recordings properly and clearly in your connected system, you need to connect your cameras through Wi-Fi connectivity. Sharing a connection with any other internet-relevant gadget or device is very risky, specifically if you require 24-hour surveillance in your home.

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Installation

If you do not have proper access to the professional CCTV installation services for your CCTV camera system, then you can install such cameras with your DIY tools. All you need to do is to be aware of the type of system which you have purchased as the different systems of CCTV cameras have unique installation procedures.

You need to choose the right/optimum spot for the installation of the CCTV camera system. This factor is to be very seriously taken care of as the quality of recordings and images depends on the positioning of the CCTV cameras on the concerned site or premise. You also need to take care that the placed CCTV cameras are secured with the perfect fittings and fixtures.

In case you have purchased a wired CCTV camera, there would be a requirement of drilling multiple holes on the wall/s for passing the wire of the CCTV camera and lead them towards your monitor. So it is better to hire professional CCTV installation services in this regard. They will survey your property and identify the spots where you need such cameras. Then they will install the same with their advanced tools and they can cover your entire outdoor area with few numbers cameras.

Ensuring the Security of the Cameras


When you are taking up the task of CCTV installation to install your surveillance system properly, then this is very necessary to ensure the security of the cameras.

If you place the CCTV in a too obvious spot, then you would end up inviting the burglars and trespassers to either tamper them or to steal them away. In case you’re a wired CCTV surveillance system, you should necessarily ensure that the wires run securely to connect your monitor.


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