6 Expert Tips to Beat Coronavirus Insomnia


Everyone is locked down in their homes to curb the spread of coronavirus. A lot of uncertainty surrounds this unprecedented situation amid the fear of catching this virus. Sleep is essential to help the body stay healthy. Staying in bed tossing and turning leaves you bleary-eyed and feeling sluggish. This impacts your mental, physical, and emotional health in the long run.

Staying home is strongly recommended to limit the chances of catching the virus. During the lockdown, sleep is essential to boost immunity and keep the body remain healthy. Now is the moment to make changes in your habits to help you survive the lockdown. Here are top tips to help you beat coronavirus insomnia.

6 Expert Tips to Beat Coronavirus Insomnia

Stay cool

A warm and cozy home at the moment is the only source of comfort during the lockdown. However, this can disrupt sleep. Your central heating system can dry out mucous membranes to make you thirstier throughout the night. The standard temperature to enjoy a great night is about 180 degrees Celsius or lower. Keep in mind that you have to lose about a degree Celsius of internal body temperature of about 37 degrees Celsius to get sleep.  

The body can’t get rid of excess heat when your room is too warm and will disturb your sleep. Turn the heat off the bedroom and use appropriate beddings. Use breathable bed linen, blanket, duvet, and purchase mattress in UAE to replace the old one. A new mattress with thermo-regulating fabric cools you when hot and retains heat when cold for better sleep. The ideal mattress should also have air channel ventilation to eliminate excess heat and sweat for a dry and cozy sleep.

Avoid gadgets before sleep

During the lockdown, everyone spends most of the time glued to their phone. This allows keeping abreast with the latest news about coronavirus. Additionally, the phone allows staying in touch with friends and family amid the lockdown.

Keep in mind that tablets and phones emit blue light that disrupts melatonin levels. This hormone regulates your sleep and wake cycle.Sleep experts recommend turning off electronic devices about 90 minutes before sleep. This allows getting a good night’s sleep, avoid anxiety and depression.

During this trying moment, information overload about the coronavirus outbreak can significantly impact mood. The temptation to cuddle with your tablet is high at the moment but allow your brain to rest in the evenings. Replace using your phone 90 minutes before sleep with reading a book, listening to music, or have a relaxing bath with essential oils. This wind-down routine lessens anxiety and makes the mind relax for a good night’s sleep.

Mind coffee intake

Taking coffee throughout the day keeps you going. This is useful at this moment while trying to keep going while working from home. However, mind the time for the caffeine hit. Drinking coffee too early or late in the day might inhibit sleep. Nutritional therapists recommend avoiding drinking coffee at the wrong time of day.

Caffeine is a stimulant that works via adenosine brain receptors. It makes you alert to increase brain chemicals. Caffeine lessens fatigue perception and boosts focus. Inhibiting adenosine receptors limits relaxing responses resulting from the hormone interfering with the ability to sleep and wind down. Have the last cup of coffee by lunchtime or the latest by 5 pm.

Don’t eat immediately before bed

Ensure not to eat right before bed to avoid upsetting your sleep cycle. This should be about three hours before bedtime to prevent acid reflux, indigestion, and nightmares. The best-recommended snacks to eat before sleep include vegetables, toast, and popcorn. Avoid highly processed or refined snacks. Additionally, keep away from highly saturated fats and sugary foods for being low on nutrients and calories. This makes controlling weight and sleep harder.

Shower by 8.30pm

According to scientific study, a warm shower about 90 minutes before hitting the bed increases the chances of nodding off faster by about 50 percent. You are likely to sleep in about 15 minutes. Hot water dilates blood vessels and enhances the ability of the skin to lose excess heat. This makes the body lessen core temperature to make sleep easier.

Allow kids to sleep on their own

During the lockdown, parents are spending 24/7 with their kids. However, avoid letting them cuddle up in bed with you to avoid affecting yours and their sleep. The wriggling of the kids will inhibit you from a restful sleep and stunt their development. Let the kids sleep on their own and offer them soothing night lights for those that fear to sleep in the dark. Equally important is to make the kids have a particular time for going to bed.

Bottom line: During the current lockdown, now is a wonderful moment to catch up on lost sleep because of the hectic schedule.  When having trouble sleeping resulting from coronavirus induced insomnia, consider investing in a new quality mattress and adjusting your regular habits.


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