The Benefits of Using Pond Fountain


If you are an owner of a property where you have a pond and struggling to maintain it, then this article is for you. Maintaining the pond is essential not only because of how beautiful they look, but it is important for upholding the quality of aquatic eco-system.

Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for many harmful elements and insects. Nobody likes to walk or sit near a pond, which is covered with odor-causing, green algae. The simple and best way to deal with these issues is by installing a pond fountain.

A pond fountain not only enhance the look of your pond, but also provide several other benefits.

The Benefits of Using Pond Fountain

These are some of the benefits of using Pond Aeration system:

Improves Water Quality

Due to low oxygen levels, bottom sediments in the pond release noxious gases that cause many water quality problems. By providing proper aeration, fresh oxygen is added to the waterbody that converts the phosphorus into a form that is not usable by algae for food. A pond fountain also mixes the algae spores into the parts of the pond that denies sunlight to the algae and restricts their growth. This results in clean and freshwater.

Removes odors

In stagnant water, there is a high amount of hydrogen sulfide gas, which causes foul odor. The only way to deal with this is by installing a pond fountain, which can provide proper aeration to the water. When the bottom of the water mixes and becomes oxygenated, the odor-causing elements are eliminated, making water fresh.

Enhances aquatic habitat

Stratification is another problem that occurs in a stagnant water body. It is caused when there is a change in the water temperature, which is caused by different layers of water formed at different depths based on water densities.

This thermal stratification results in depletion of oxygen, which causes an overall decline in the eco-system efficiency and can lead to the death of many aquatic animals. When proper aeration is installed, it disrupts the stratification, which creates a healthier habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms.

Decrease growth of mosquitos

A pond fountain also reduces the growth of mosquitos in water. When there is a constant flow in the water, it prevents mosquitos from breeding. Pond fountains act as a natural mosquito control system.

Reduces the accumulation of bottom sediment

Oxygen deficiency causes organic matter to decompose slowly, which leads to the buildup of bottom sediments in the water. A proper aeration system provides a continuous supply of fresh oxygen that helps reduce the overall accumulation of bottom sediments, preventing the need for future dredging.

Enhance the overall area

The benefit of using a pond fountain is that it improves the overall quality of the area. It makes the pond visually pleasing.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of installing a pond fountain, you must be wondering how to pick a fountain that is best for your pond. Lucky for you, we have created 2 essential tips that will help you choose a fountain that is perfect for your pond.

What size floating fountain to choose?

The main thing to remember while buying a pond fountain is the height of the spray. The height of the spray should not be more than half the size of the pond. If the spray is too high, the pond could end up emptying itself. The shape and height of the water are determined by the size of the motor.

So, choose a size of the pond fountain according to the size of your pond.

Position of the fountain

The position of the fountain is also an important factor. This is because you need to calculate the length of the cord that is required to power the fountain. Make sure that you also consider the depth of the water as the power cord should drop to the bottom and follow the slope to get to the power outlet.

You can always call an expert for an expert if you are facing trouble with the installation.

High quality and properly sized pond fountain are important for promoting and maintaining a balanced aquatic ecosystem. These pond fountains are not only visually pleasing but also provide several benefits that help in enhancing the overall look of your pond.

Since these fountains are so popular because of their benefits, finding them becomes quite easy. If you are wondering where to buy pond fountains, then don’t worry. You can simply use the help of the internet. Try searching for fountains pond seller in your area, chances are you will find many shops both online and offline selling high-quality pond fountains.


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