Natural And Home Remedies That Will Reduce Your Blood Pressure


Natural And Home Remedies That Will Reduce Your Blood PressureHigh blood pressure that is also called as hypertension, is one of the most common problems that we as individuals face today. This is a problem that is even affecting the younger adults. Studies have shown that this condition generally affects one in three Indians, and is directly responsible for the stroke deaths and coronary heart disease death in India. If the problem of hypertension is neglected then it can lead the person to heart attack, strokes, kidney failure and the last but not the least vision loss. However, blood pressure can be controlled with better treatment and some of the best home remedies. Given below are some of the most effective home remedies that can help you reduce high blood pressure as well as reducing the reliance on medications.

The Almond milk

Try and soak five to six almonds every day in the night, so that you can peel them the next morning. You then make a paste and then boil them in a drink. Drinking this each and every day help to keep your blood pressure under control. And there is no such cholesterol or saturated fat in the almond milk.

Walking and exercising daily

Exercise is one of the best things anyone can do to lower their blood pressure. Regular exercise helps in making your heart go stronger, making it efficient at pumping blood lowering the pressure in the arteries. Doing a 150 minute of walk or 75 minutes of proper exercise such as running for example per week, and can help in lowering your blood pressure and improve heart health.



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Have adequate salt

Having too much of salt is bad for health, but is required to moderate the excessive quantities in our body. According to a study conducted by the World Health Organisation, our daily diet must contain just one teaspoon of salt, besides whatever you derived from fruits and vegetables. And during summer if you have been exercising daily then do keep some lime water with a pinch of salt added to it.

Tulsi Leaves

One of the best home remedies from our granny treasure trove. Try and have six to seven Tulsi leaves every morning. The leaves are believed to have high levels of potassium, magnesium, and vitamin c that helps in regulating the blood pressure if your body. Tulsi leaves are believed to be loaded with an antioxidant called as Eugenol that helps in keeping the blood pressure under control.

Going heavy on pepper

Cutting down on salt can make the food go tasteless, but it is just for a few days. But adding a lot of pepper can make your food taste of the same. Flavours like garlic, basil and lemon are also some of the few things that can help you in replacing salt training your tongue to stop craving for sodium.

Eating Flaxseed

Consuming four tablespoons of flaxseed can help in bringing down your blood pressure. Studies have shown that the seeds are rich enough in omega 3 fatty acid that probably explains the entire effect. Try 2 spoons of your oatmeal and yogurt at breakfast, then sprinkle 2 tablespoons over soup or salad later in the day for a tasty crunch.

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Replacing coffee with Tea

For every coffee that you drink in a day, studies have shown that systolic blood pressure can reduce by 2 points and diastolic pressure by one point. More than four benefits through the same benefits cannot be shown.

Practicing meditation

Doing meditation every day helps in reducing stress, and studies have shown that doing meditation on daily basis also helps in reducing blood pressure. So try to carve every day for five minutes sitting down quietly and repeating a mantra like this shall to pass. So breathe, breath and just breathe.

Doing meditation every day helps in reducing stress


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Wearing earplugs while you sleep

Snoozing while you are exposed to noise increases the blood pressure a lot. So grab a pair of earplugs in order to help to keep the sound out from your ear.

Adopting a pet

It is believed having a furry pet at home, helps to keep hypertension away. So have a pet around in order to keep your hypertension away.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are generally considered to be rich in Vitamin E, folic acid, protein, and fiber. Just a handful of sunflower seeds will help you lower your blood pressure, promoting good health. They also make a great source of magnesium, and make a good nutritious snack, but do make sure that you have no salt added to it as it will help you minimize the level of sodium intake.

Sunflower seeds


Banana is generally considered to be rich in potassium and is that one fruit which the individuals can eat in order to control their blood pressure. Having one or two banana is what is actually recommended.


Watermelon not only contains nutrients that are important for our body but also involves seeds that are used for treating the various health issues in our body. The seeds of watermelon are listed in one of the best treatments for lowering the process of hypertension. The seeds include cucubocitrin that widen the blood capillaries and improving the kidney functioning.

Fish oil

Having fish oil during hypertension is considered to be the best home remedies for hypertension. So try and buy a high-quality fish oil that is not just rich in herb but even in vitamins. Try adding the fish oil in the orange juice and then having it. It’s just that you will have to read the instructions properly, in order to know how much oil you can take on a daily basis.

Dark chocolate

Yes, you have read it right. Dark chocolates are generally considered to be one of the most beneficial foods for individuals who have high blood pressure. It is the flavonoids who are responsible for this kind of a benefit. Flavonoids widen the vessels and make them more elastic, and as a result, it helps in reducing blood pressure with ease.

Dark Chocolate


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Limit alcohol

Having a glass of red wine with your dinner is perfectly fine. And this is something that will offer you with some heart health benefits during the time of moderation. Drinking excessive amount of alcohol can yes lead you to too many of health issues, including blood pressure. Excessive drinking can here also help in reducing the effectiveness of blood pressure medications.

Limit Alcohol


People often add onions to a variety of food. And not many of them know that onion is also one of the best ways of reducing blood pressure. Like garlic, onion contains beneficial properties and compounds that help in managing the blood pressure. Onion contains quercetin which is a powerful antioxidant flavonoid that helps in reducing high blood pressure developing stroke and heart disease.

Onions help in reducing high blood pressure

Coconut water

People with high blood pressure need to make sure that their body is well hydrated. So it’s always good and better when you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.  At the same time, it is believed that coconut water helps in reducing the blood pressure. In the year 2005 studies have found that coconut water is rich in potassium, magnesium and the last but not the least Vitamin C decreasing the blood pressure. Coconut oil can also be used for cooking.


Honey is also one of the home remedies that help in reducing blood pressure. And thanks to the calming effect of honey on the blood vessels it helps in reducing hypertension. So try and have two spoons of honey every morning with an empty stomach. Whatever you choose to follow or however you do, continue doing till your hypertension come to a normal level.

Following a Proper Diet

Mom is always right especially when it comes to our food. Following a proper diet will not just lower your blood pressure but will also help you in maintaining a good health. So try and have more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and eliminate the food that is high in saturated fats, processed foods, full-fat dairy products and the last but not the least fatty meats.

Following a Proper Diet lower your blood pressure


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Beetroot Juice

This is generally considered to be one of the best things to deal with blood pressure. So in order to treat your blood pressure drink a cup of beetroot juice twice daily say for about one week.

Beetroot Juice best thing to deal with blood pressure

So these were just a few home remedies that will help you reduce the blood pressure at ease. What do you have to say about it? Do leave your comments below.

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